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Ramble Rori Part 7: Lolita and Relationships

Hey everyone, I'm posting on behalf of my roommate, tbeanax, because she is sleepy :( As in, she has work at 5 AM tomorrow and I told her I'd post it so she could go to sleep early. I'm not in charge of these surveys, so if you're having any trouble please contact her, not me! I will not be able to answer any questions because I have no idea XD;

Posted with permission from laiferr  

After researching a bit through books and online materials, I have decided to lauch a worldwide survey and research study on the Lolita fashion and its affect on the human psyche. To complete this, I need as many Lolitas as possible to complete a series of surveys I will be issuing out once a week to obtain more information on a strictly polling and research based level.

Hello everyone, it's your research lolita over here at Ramble Rori with more surveys to complete and more results to view.

Lolita & Relationships Survey is now up. It will take you 10 - 20 minutes to complete.

!WARNING! -- Lolita & Relationships Survey has 5 questions about sexual activity and sexual orientation. There is an option to "Decline to Answer" if you are uncomfortable, but if you do not want to see questions at all about that subject material, please do not take this week's survey. 

I just want to make sure people aren't shocked or offended when they see the questions. We don't have statistics on this kind of information, so it is a necessary step, but I want to be sure that everyone is comfortable with what they are answering.

Results from Part 6: Lolita & Anime/Manga can be found at Ramble Rori. Results from Interest Survey: Video Game Genres can also be found at Ramble Rori. Please follow the blog to be kept up to date!

Thank you for your continued participation and support!
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