Vaya Krolika (merirustryfe) wrote in egl,
Vaya Krolika

Making a skirt out of a JSK

I know I've seen this done before, but I just can't remember who did it. I bought a Bodyline candy JSK a while back, and it didn't fit me. At the time, my self-conscious brain assumed "OMG I'm too fat!" I've been dieting, so today I decided to try it on and realized's actually my bust that doesn't fit it. =o_o=

I already modified it to be a halter-top, so I'd rather not sell it. Instead, I'd like to try to salvage the skirt part and make it into a skirt, since that part fits my waist, it seems.

Does anyone have any advice, or maybe links to tutorials on how to do this? I did use the search bar, but I couldn't find anything about making a skirt out of a JSK. I've made a few skirts from regular fabric, but I don't know if I'd be able to use my skirt method on this, and I'd like to keep the elastic that's already there on it, since it's fine and fits me correctly.
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