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Qutieland sizing?

Two three questions!:

1. I know that some of the bigger people on this comm have had issues with garments being slightly too small. Would any of the petite people have any input on this, eg. garments wrongly sized/out of proportion/etc.?

2. 'Lower Bust' - by this, do they mean the ribcage just under the bust? Or what? *confused* SOLVED! The answer is yes. :D


For reference, my measurements are 33-25-34; just in case that's relevant.

E.T.A. 3. The Rosa Melody dress page notes that it's 90cm, and thus about right for 162-178cm tall. I'm 151. Therefore, would a length about 78-80cm be about right, to get it on the knee? It looks about right, but I'm a tad paranoid.

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