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MyCandyEyes.com Cercle Lens Review

Eight days ago I deiced that it was time to get some new contacts.
I deiced to go with this place called
www.mycandyeyes.com/. I just got the package in the mail yesterday so I am putting up a little review.

I ordered two pairs of circle lenses; one pair of GEO Magic Blue Circle Lens and one pair of EOS Dolly Eye Grey Circle Lens. Each pair was  $20 and came with a case.



Commutation: 5/5 everything was really fast. As soon as I placed my order I had got the invoice in my email and when to expect my items.

Ease of use: 4/5 Their site is well laid out, but it is kinda slow. So that was really annoying to me. That  is why I gave it a 4 instead of a 5.

Shipping: 5/5 Shipping was way faster that what I was led to except. They said that processing could take from 1-8 days based on availability then shipping would be another 7-14 days.  But from when I palced my order and I got them in the mail it was only 8 days!!! Oh and they are based in Florida so that may also be the reason I got it so fast (I live in Southern California).

Packaging: 4/5  They shipped the contacts in a small bubble mailer and the contact jars where put in a smaller bubble bag and warped together.  To be honest if any one had stepped on the bag they would have broke, but they did not so it was okay. *see photos below



condition: 5/5 None of the bottles were cracked or opened. Both pairs of contacts we great, no rips or little scratches. They felt fine on (after an over night soak in my own solution).

Here are what the lenses look like on, the first photo is the EOS Gray Dolly Eye Circle lens and the second is the GEO Magic Blue Circle Lens. I only put on one so you can see how they look over my dark brown eyes.



Over all Rating: 5/5  Shipping was fast, I got the items I had ordered and nothing was damaged. I could not be happier. I diffidently would buy from them again and recommend them to all you lovely lolis.

P.S. Sorry for the creepy eye photos, I can never get good photos of my eyes with out it looking really strange (T_T)


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