Maria (shibahime) wrote in egl,

Lolita flea market in Stockholm, Apr 25th 2010 - AWESOME EPIC AWESOME

On Sun 25th we had a lolita flea market in Stockholm. We were noticed by the local free newspaper Metro on Friday with an article, all other advertisement had gone through Facebook and the Swedish Lolita Forum as well as posters and flyers on well chosen places.

One word to describe it all: awesomeness. 110 people were standing in line at the opening, estimated number of visitors were 300+ and the mood was epic. We even had visitors from Norway and Finland!

Interview with the first girls queueing up outside the store. The first girl came at 7AM, the other two at 7:30AM. We opened the flea market at 11AM.

Last minute preps.

shizuka_85 adding nailpolish.

My co-mods from the Swedish loli forum, sushisael and Josephine, prepping up with coffee before entertaining the queue, Johannes (owner of the Tokyostop store) acting busy.

"Lolita queue starts here." says the sign.

Not my Youtube clip, but this is our epic line. People waited for at least 1h to get in to the store.

Inspecting other sellers' goods before the doors open.

And while waiting for the doors to open, why not play some DS too?

A budding lolita shopping with her mother. There were many parents and grandparents accompanying their lolita daughters. Not to mention boyfriends, friends and siblings.

Swedish VICE reporter came by to interview some lolitas about the fashion and lifestyle.

Interview with one of the sellers after we closed up. She says she is excited that she sold so much and that she just wants to go home and sleep.

After the doors were closed we opened the compulsory bottle of bubbly drink. Notice how the guys in the background are all occupied with the video game. :P

I had my compulsory victory cigarillo (with Dry Martini taste!) as we went to have dinner and celebrate a successful flea market.

We went to Ki Mama Ramen. I had a bowl of wantan men ramen with a glass of Calpis. NOMNOMNOM.

The only thing I got for myself at the flea market: a brooch from Van Asch for 20 SEK, approximately 3 USD. :P

Thanks everyone for making this day awesome! And thanks for looking at the photos. :)
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