Jaja (jajaneko) wrote in egl,

Thrift finds yesterday~

Me and three of my best lolita girlfriends went thrift shopping yesterday. It was so exhausting. To mention that I had a hangover for drinking until 4am the night before, having my first day, and getting a fever. It was awful but I recovered quickly for I got lots of awesome finds.

Pretty choker x brooch I got for 29pesos($0.65). Dainty little thing. <3

Weee~ pretty pastel pink doll shoes for 220php ($5). It’s still not that used. :D

Pretty laces I got for 35php/pack($0.80). These type of laces are actually expensive if you get them per yard on lace shops. :D

I got this vintage dress for 35php($0.80). On me, it’s actually floor length. XD But I saw a potential for it to be loliable. I would just have to make it smaller and cut it shorter and I will have a new JSK. :)

And the most AWZM find. A pretty Victorian Maiden/Mary Magdalene-ish pastel pink JSK. It’s already lolita on it’s own. I got it for 240php($5.5). It’s expensive for thrift shopping but hey, effortless lolita shopping ain’t it?

I still have lotsa stuff here but these are my only lolita/loliable finds for yesterday. Yeee~ and all of them are pink. :DD


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