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Lolita Survey

Hello fellow Lolita's!
For one of my Fashion Design classes we have to do a marketing plan--and I have chosen to do it on a Lolita dress. If you have the time would you please fill out this survey in honesty because I need to know demographics---In the future this may become a reality too so this will really help me! :D Thank you!!
Question 1:
What is your age range? (10-15, 16-20, 21-25, 26-30, 40--plus)
Question 2:
Where do you live? (Country and State)
Question 3:
How much do you earn a year? (It can be rounded)
Question 4:
Would you be more likely to spend more money on a Lolita dress that is made out of organic fabrics and natural dyes to help the environment?
Question 5:
If yes, how much would you be likely to spend?
Question 6:
What defines your Lolita style and which style is your favorite?
Question: 7
How many times do you wear Lolita a month/year?
Question 8:
Is there a certain season you wear Lolita more?
Question 9:
What are your hobbies?
Question 10:
Any other advice you have?

Edit: Is price or quality more important to you?

Thank you so very much!!!! =D

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