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Vancouver BC May 9th Meetup - Burnaby Heritage Village

Hello ladies!

Since we have an out of town Lolita coming (minibeastie ) I thought it'd be nice to have a little get together. Plan will be to meet and then all head over to Burnaby Heritage Village together (those with vehicles who can drive please let me know). The village is open 11:30am -4:30pm. Cost for entry is $11.50 for adults and $8.81 for youth (13-18yrs) plus additional taxes. I'll see if I can find any coupons or if we have 10+ we can get group rates. If anyone would like to ride the historic carousel, it's $1.95 per ride. If interested they do have special anuual passes which get you further discounts and free year round entry and other perks.

For groups of 10+ we can book a meal there as well in advance. They have a cute little ice cream parlor there as well. If we go with the meal option they won't allow us to cancel without 7 days notice so anyone wanting this we'll need to make sure you're coming for sure.

Date: May 9th (Sunday)
Time: moved to noon @ the village
Place: For now we can meet at my house or choose a central location depending on where everyone is coming from (maybe Metrotown for those who are dependant on transit)
Cost: FYI we have hit the group rate so the cost is $9.76 + tax per person.

The village takes a minimum of 1 hr 30 mins apparently if we're just going under plain admission. The village site suggests 2 hr 30 mins if we plan on eating there as well.

Should it rain, most of the village is inside with some outdoor walking required between buildings (so bring parasols). However if this isn't acceptable to people I can plan an alternative activity (such as tea at Sutton place and then perhaps some photo ops down at Granville Island indoors)

RSVP: please RSVP by May 5th. If we hit 15+ we will need to let the village know so they can staff appropriately for us. Due to the possibility that we may need to make reservations and that some may be counting on group rate discounted prices (and I mayl need to make advance payment/deposit) last minute cancelations will need to pay for their portion of the deposit (if I have to pay for it) or might be temporarily black listed from any future events I plan.

Please post your RSVP and any other questions at this link:
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