Lala (fic_sci) wrote in egl,

Antenna shoes = Miranda shoes ???

Hi Lolitas

I was searching for lolita boots and looked at Lolita BabyAngel as well as QutieLand. I am particularly looking at the brands Antenna by Kreuz, which Lolita BabyAngel claims as the brand of the shoes they are selling in their website; and Miranda Shoes, which is the brand of the boots I see in QutieLand (QutieLand also says that Miranda Shoes are often exported to Japan).

And then I discovered that a model of "Antenna" shoes in Lolita BabyAngel looks exactly the same as these Miranda Shoes boots in QutieLand (some of the pictures also seem to be exactly the same). O__O

Could that possibly mean that Antenna may be supplied by Chinese manufacturers (which is alternatively labeled as Miranda Shoes)? Or perhaps Lolita BabyAngel generalized too much by saying that all the shoes in the website are Antenna shoes? I might go to Tokyo this summer, and might go shopping for shoes (because I'd be able to try them on & shipping prices are so expensive). But if some of the ones I'd find are the same made-in-China stuff that's available online (for cheaper prices), I might as well get it online right? I heard shoes from QutieLand are quite comfortable too for lolita shoes.

Any advice/thoughts/opinion/reactions?

Edit: whoa, I just realized this, some boxes of QutieLand shoes is labeled "an*tai*na" = antenna

Edit 2: I did some more research on this, and found the Japanese website of Antenna shoes on I found this model that looks a lot like the one in QutieLand, and in the information on Antenna's website, the shoes are indeed made in China, which makes it even more possible that Antenna & an*tai*na really have the same manufacturer (but probably without the quality control).
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