Some Call Her Alice (hellowonderland) wrote in egl,
Some Call Her Alice

Photos: Courtyard & Cloister

          I love seeing photo posts on egl, so I wanted to share some photos taken a few weeks ago. It was a beautiful day, so we spent some time in the courtyard of a church with beautiful architecture. I hope I have the opportunity to do something like this again~ I had a lot of fun although I am a very poor model. (I move too much--there were many-many-many-many blur-blob pictures.)

          My camera is a simple (and old) point-and-shoot, and I am not very good with photo editing. I tried to adjust the color on some of the pictures that turned out too dark. My biggest frustration is the lack of white-balance options for my camera--I'd love any suggestions on brightening without fading or distorting the other colors. My husband was the creative "director" behind most of this; he's also the photographer. It's unusual to have him holding a camera instead of a guitar!

          I hope you enjoy the pictures. ♥

Blue Floral I

Blue Floral III

Blue Floral V

Blue Floral VI

Blue Floral VII

Blue Floral XII

Blue Floral XI

Blue Floral XIII

Blue Floral VIII
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