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Black Rose

My very first Lolita Photoshoot

So this kinda goes with the theme. I have a black rose in my hair. This is my first photo shoot in Lolita.  My aunt did them. Today was not a good day, but it was my only free day, because it was raining everyonce in a while and cold. So here we go, enjoy!!

My favorite

It was really cold from the rain, and I tried to hide under a tree, but it didnt help :3

The rocks was hard to sit on.

Out fit run down:

Skirt & shirts- off brand
Petticoat: Bodyline (my skirt kinda pushed it down)
Rose- Claires
Shoes: Lolita-lola


I was falling; never walked in RHS before XD

My tongue was hanging out a bit, and making a funny face.

Thanks for looking! Hope they are not that bad XD



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