cidien (cidien) wrote in egl,

White Rock May Meetup

So because the weather is getting nicer, school is finished or ending for most, and were sick of schleping our ass to Vancouver, it seems like the perfect time to have a White Rock meetup!
What: White Rock Meetup
Choices so far: High Tea @ TracyCakes ($15 per person & I'll need to know in advanced who can come)
General lunch at one of the many beach side restuarants
Picnic on the beach followed by Ice Cream
Where: White Rock Beach (dur)
When: May 29th  (this date is preferred, but can be negotiable) 12 pm

Guests are welcome, the more the merrier. This is more an input post, as to when and what exactly.
I am more partial to high tea or a picnic, but the picnic is weather dependant.

Anyways Id love to hear from you, unless its whining about how far away white rock is. If we can get to Vancouver, you can get to White Rock.<--- for those that didn't realize, this was meant in jest I am sorry people took it so eriously

If you are interested in going I would like it if you could join the facebook event even if its just as a maybe, so I can figure out who is going and who isn't!/event.php



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