TheOsakaKoneko (theosakakoneko) wrote in egl,

Question about a specific Malco Modes petticoat

Has anyone ever tried the Malco Modes #578 "Economical Net Petticoat"?

Of course, one of the best petticoats for long-time regular lolita wear is the Malco Modes 582, sold by Candy Violet. I have 2 of these myself and they are perfect.

However, I'm looking to buy a few cheap petticoats for shows and to have on hand when I need an extra one for someone else, and at roughly half the price of the 582, the 578 seems like it might suit my purposes.

However, I've never seen one in person, so I thought I'd ask here before taking the risk! So, has anyone seen this petticoat or owned one? Any information you have on it would be highly appreciated!

Or, if you know another good option for a cheap petticoat that has a good amount of poof and won't deflate right away, please let me know! I'm open to suggestions!

Thanks! <3
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