Arya (harukoko) wrote in egl,

Art contest reminder & feedback

Hi everyone! It's 7 days until the end of the month which means there's 7 more days to submit artwork for next months header. I love seeing lots of lovely submissions, so please check this post if you're interested!

Also, I know most of you are fed up of hearing about it, but in case you're a little out of the loop, please screen shot your loligoth DBS feedback! This is crucial as the DBS will be closing permanently on May 1st. If you're unaware of the new changes, please check the new feedback community, eglfeedback . We're really sorry for the hold up and confusion this is causing, but moderated posting on the sales community should be ending soon. We're currently at 340~ feedback pages and it's rising as I type. It's very easy to make a mistake while creating the feedback pages, so if you spot something that needs fixing, please post about it in the feedback community's very own anonymous report centre.

Finally, since some people seem concerned, we are aware that talia_speaks has deleted her journal. Please don't worry about it., we'll have a full update on the situation soon. If you're a customer of hers in need of advice please contact nessaneko . I'd also like to take this opportunity to say we absolutely do not tolerate the spreading of personal information, and this case is no exception. Anyone we find spreading personal addresses and numbers for means of harassment will be banned, no questions asked

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