midwest_loli (midwest_loli) wrote in egl,

Possible Midwest Lolita Store

Hello fellow Lolitas!  So sorry if my post is weird, first time posting to a community.  I live in Indiana, and I was talking to my mum's friend the other day.  This friend (i'll call her Jill) told me that there was a store here in Indiana, in the city of Fort Wayne, that sells Lolita/Japanese style dresses!  :D  my first reaction was to spaz out completely, which of course, I did! XD  but honestly, I don't know if it's true.  Jill is not a liar, but she's not into the whole Japanese scene so I don't know if she actually knows what a Loli dress looks like.  I'm going this Sunday to see if it's true.  If I find out it's a true Lolita shop, would anyone in the Midwest area like to have a small meet-up to check it out together?  I've never been to a Loli meet-up.  I'll bring my camera and try to take pictures of the store and post them up here when I get back.  If anyone's interested in the idea of a possible meet-up, let me know please! =^_^=  I've never met another Loli in person, let's all get together! 
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