Miranda Laine (sugarblue_sunny) wrote in egl,
Miranda Laine

Central Florida Witches and Wizards meetup!

Gryffindors, Slytherins, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs... wait, what the hell is a Hufflepuff? Nevermind. Gather 'round! The Wizarding World of Harry Potter opens June 18th, and we intend to attend, sipping Butterbeer and eating Treacle Tarts in all our frilly glory!

A specific date has yet to be decided, so voice your opinions as you have them!

Anyone travelling from any part of the world to join in the festivities is welcome, just let me know your travel dates and we can work around them!

Attire should be appropriate for walking around a theme park all day in June or early July weather, and HP-themed (or generally magic/fantasy-themed) outfits are a plus! I should be able to give anyone in the Tampa-to-Orlando area a ride if need be, but please share if you are able to give rides to others or need a ride yourself.

I also have outfits and accessories in most sizes to loan out to any newcomers who want to participate if need be.

Also, feel free to share your thoughts, ideas, planned outfits, or anything related to the meetup or it's theme here... like this:

Totally relevant. Also, mad MS Paint skills.

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