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Review- Bodyline L087 (Cameo OP)

Last month, when abba12  posted her Bodyline review, I fell in love with the amazing cameo OP, and the awesome vulgar_bunnies  was holding a group order at the time, so I decided I absolutely had to have it. It arrived today, so as I planned to, I'll review it.

Please excuse the quality of my pics; my camera is somewhat on the crappy side.

The dress was neatly folded in the bag. I know this is standard for Bodyline orders, but actually seeing it there on my bed instead of in pics on a review was exciting.

Out of the bag:

The bag is really cool and I'll probably put it on my wall.

The cameo bow was detached from the dress in the bag, I guess so you'd know it's removable.

It attaches wherever you want it with a pin on the back . The cameo pin is also detachable, which is actually really nice- it gives you four different ways to wear the dress (no bow/bow/bow with cameo/just the cameo) rather than just with or without the bow. I like how it's two tone like a vintage cameo rather than just straight black background like they could have done, and the cameo is a good size too. Pic next to a Pokewalker for comparison.

Unfortunately the glue on the back is rather sloppy and it appears to have received the traditional Bodyline hot glue treatment.

Cameo pin rating: 4.5 out of 5. The hot glue mess on the back is annoying, but more a nitpick than a dealbreaker, and the gold finish is a little bit tacky IMO, but I appreciate Bodyline making it a separate piece of the bow since it lets me use it as a freestanding accessory and I love cameo stuff.

Pic of the bow with the cameo pinned on. The bow is made of the same fabric as the dress, decently sized, and well stitched.

I was going to take pics of the dress with the bow attached, even though I intended to wear the dress without, since that's how it's pictured on the website. Unfortunately, when I tried pinning the bow onto the dress to start getting pictures, this happened:

The pin part of the back came off as I was sticking it into the dress's collar. I'm a bit disappointed at this; I really hope Bodyline switches to better quality notions in the future. Again, not a dealbreaker, since I was paying for the whole dress and not the bow part and in fact planned on wearing the dress without the bow, but it's worth knowing before you buy you will probably have to find a better backing to sew on if you want to wear the dress with the bow on it.
Bow: 4/5- the bow is well-constructed and would look great on the dress. That is, if the part that attaches it were actually decent enough quality to put it there.

This dress is INCREDIBLY poofy. I'm talking epic proportions. Getting the dress laid out to actually fit into the picture completely was quite a task. Suffice it to say this thing will probably take whatever size petti you shove underneath it.

Laid out with waist ties in the front so you could get an idea of length. As you can see, it's super ruffly and the ruffles are quite impressive, to say the least. The pleats arrive pretty sharp too and complement the hot ruffle action well. The fabric is good quality; Bodyline says it's polyester but it's incredibly thick and soft.

.The buttons on front are actually functional. You don't need them to fasten the dress, but that little detail is kinda cool.

Construction: 5/5. The stitching all seems pretty good, the dress isn't oddly shapen, and everything about it seems okay.
Fabric: 5/5. I've got one other, older Bodyline item, a skirt from about 2 years ago, and while the fabric for that was good quality, this fabric is even better and softer. Bodyline is definitely improving.
Detail: 5/5. The pintucks and pleats are nice and sharp fresh out of the package, and the ruffles are even and luscious

Closeup of the lace on the sleeves and neckline:

Closeup of the rose lace + crochet lace and pintucks on the bodice:

Closeup of the rose lace (same kind as before) on the ruffles:

Lace: 5/5. Nothing else to say; you don't need to be afraid of bad lace on this dress, however.

The back of the dress, with bow tied:

The bodice is shirred and corset laced in back. The ribbon is your Bodyline standard satin ribbon through the lace holes and I yanked it out of the dress as soon as I finished getting the pics for this review. It doesn't seem to need the corset lacing for fit though, so not a huge loss (though I like the look of the lacing and might replace the ribbon with some grosgrain or nice cord).

Pics of it being worn. It's only available in medium but thankfully, the skirt is pretty long. I'm about 5'5". Pardon my messiness- I didn't see any point in getting dolled up for a dress review.

Without petti:

With petti (mine is medium poof, so it's not going to go to its full poof potential. Should give you an idea of just how much more space is in there that can be filled, however.)

Dress, overall: 4.5/5. The only real problems were with the shoddy construction on the bow and cameo, hence the subtraction of .5 of the score, but at $50, it's an excellent value for anyone looking for a Lolita dress with a good design that fits into any style.

Service (Bodyline): I got this from a group order, so vulgar_bunnies  will have to make the final call on that, but they got their order to her quickly (based on her updates), so that's a mark in their favor. However, they also no longer pay customs on DHL orders, as vulgar learned. If you're going to order from them and use DHL, be ready for a customs bill your way.

Service (vulgar_bunnies ): Vulgar ran an excellent G.O. This was my first experience with a G.O., but she was patient and helped with all my questions about the process. She got messages out quickly, was flexible with shipping and payment options, and handled the unexpected customs bill well, being sure to check with Bodyline before asking us to pay. My thanks to her for helping me get this dress.


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