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Lots of Reviews: Qcute, Kidsyoyo, Antaina, etc.

I've recently made a lot of lolita related purchases and now that the packages are coming in I figured I would do a product review ^^. This post is picture heavy, and I apologize ahead of time for any poor lighting/photo quality as I had to take pictures with my cell phone >.< .

From Qutieland:From Lolita Kisama:From My Diva's Closet:

Okay so the first thing I opened was the Alice in wonderland Rabbit Plush Purse from My Diva's closet.

Overall I would rate the service as 5/5: I didn't really need to inquire about anything, the shipping was prompt, and and the bunny was in stock as expected.

Shipping 5/5: The shipping cost wasn't too high and the packaging was sufficient ^^. The box was in good shape upon arrival and they packed it with some crumpled paper to keep the bunny from thumping around too much.

This was the box upon arrival. Pretty good condition, not smushed.

Bunny in packaging.

Back view of bunny, with zipper and handle. Apparently it's made by Leg Avenue.

Front view of bunny with his bib on. I realized the bib wasn't going to match much in my wardrobe unless it was specifically Alice themed so I removed the bib later so that he can wear other accessories. It's actually sewn on on each side but it was relatively easy to clip the threads holding it on without damaging anything. The blue bows detach from the bib if you do that, but they're fairly easy to stitch or pin back on to the bib. The bib itself can then be pinned or tied back onto the rabbit with minimal modification later. Anyway this is what he looks like post-bib with some pink accessories to match my outfit for the day.

Overall I give the bunny a 5/5 <3

Next I opened the Qutieland Package :D. I was really excited about this one as I had originally placed my order in late February. The dress was on reserve at the time and it took even longer than usual because of the Chinese New Year holiday.

Service 5/5: As usual Qutieland was fabulous. Communication was great and they even let me combine shipping with the pink tea party bows shoes  later because the dress was still being made at the time when I placed my second order with them.

Shipping 4/5: Package arrived in good shape,. The actual shipping time was only 3-4 days or so as promised. The cost also wasn't too high. Would have been five out of five but it seems like there was not enough packing material in the box to keep the shoes from accidentally crushing my head bow in shipment. See below for details.

As you can see the package didn't look too beat up.

Everything laid out outside of the box. Yes I know my bed is full of stuffed animals and has a chicken on it  XD.

First out of the box were the An*tai*na Tea Party Bows shoes. They were wrapped up securely in plastic to keep them from scuffing and getting damaged. I really like them. The color may be slightly off because of the lighting and the fact that this was taken with a cell phone, but they are indeed a very nice light shade of pink and they match most of my pink lolita items pretty well. I didn't find any glaring imperfections and the inside soles of the shoes were pretty cute although you can't really see the design from this angle.

These Heart Buckle shoes snaps confused me for a while because I've never bought shoes with them before, but now that I know what they are they're actually really nice. The heart buckles themselves are difficult to adjust so they put these nice snaps on them so you can just snap them on after adjusting them the first time and you don't have to adjust the size again. They're pretty strong so I wouldn't worry about them coming unsnapped while wearing them.

Pictures of the shoes worn. I love them, the only issue I had was that they do look a bit square in the front giving them a slight cloggish appearance. You can kind of tell from the stock photos that they'll look that way so it wasn't all that unexpected, I was just hoping they "might" be a little more round. Overall I give these shoes a 4.5~5 /5 . It would be a regular 5/5 if not for the weird squareness thing. It probably isn't even that noticeable XD. Also note that these shoes come with plastic covers stuck to the soles that you have to peel off. It keeps them protected during shipping, but I was totally falling all over before i realized the plastic sole covers were destroying my traction.

Next I opened the An*Tai*na AP Style Cards Shoes.

The bows came with clips and in this little protective bag.

Here's a couple pictures of the shoes being worn. I absolutely adore them! These ones have the heart buckle snaps as well and they're even cuter than expected. Unlike the other pair of shoes the toes are rounded and not square so they look a bit better in my opinion. I also couldn't find any obvious flaws in their construction. Definitely a 5/5 overall for these shoes.

Alright so now what you've all probably been waiting for, the Kidsyoyo AP Marionette Girl replica OP!

It's quite lovely indeed! As expected from Kidsyoyo ^^. Sorry for the lack of detail here as the lighting was creating some weird glare or something. The bow on the front is wired and I'm pretty glad because it gives it a nice shape for this particular dress. Although I didn't take pictures of the back of the dress it's shirred and has corset lacing as well.

It came with all of the little pearl chain details and straps that it was supposed to, although you can't see the little velvet neck ties in the following pictures because of the turtleneck blouse I'm wearing.

Here's a close up of the lining and the lace. The dress is fully lined with some very soft comfy silk-ish material.

Here's a close up of one of the appliques. They're cut out and stitched pretty well ^^.

Picture of the dress worn over a blouse. I just tossed it on without any attempts to iron it so it's a bit wrinkled. The colors of the dress and shoes match perfectly. Again sorry about the bad lighting. The OP fits wonderfully. Overall I give it a 5/5.

UPDATE: Qutieland has said they will replace the broken head bow and send it along with another current order of mine <3 Apparently it broke during shipping because of the two pairs of shoes ordered with it. So that's something to note when ordering lots of shoes.

Alright so the one disappointment I had was with the matching headdress. It looked fine in it's little package as the package was holding it together, but upon opening it I discovered it had been broken in half D: and it appeared to have been made in a rush as there was lots of unsightly excess glue all over the main bow. I could even live with the glue issue if it had arrived in one piece but as it is, it's completely unwearable ): . I've contacted Qutieland and I'm waiting to hear back about that so I'll post an update when I do.(see above!) Anyway here are the pictures of my poor headdress.

Broken D: .......

Closeup of glue. There was more glue smeared along the other side as well but it wasn't quite as bad. I'm not really sure why or how the headdress got so messed up but I assume that it may have been due to Kidsyoyo filling a lot of orders of these dresses and their factory being in the processes of moving at the moment. Anyway hopefully something can be done about this >.< .(resolved!) I guess I'll give the headdress a 2/5 since it would have been really cute if not for the whole broken in half and rush glued thing.

Alright lastly I'll just do a brief review of Lolita Kisama's service and the eye patches I bought for an Alice in Wonderland  red queen themed coord that I wore to a meet-up a while ago. While they don't have too much actual lolita stuff, some of their accessories are useful for punk lolita coordinates and such. I've bought cute facemasks from them before so i thought I would buy a couple of plain eye patches that could potentially be decorated for lolita purposes or worn plain. The shipping was super fast, it was bought and arrived a few days later. The website is kind of weird sometimes and can be weird to navigate but I haven't had any problems with them getting my orders.  I'd give their service 5/5.

Here is a picture of  one of the eye patches worn. Bad quality is due to the fact that this is a screen shot from a video I shot.

Here is the full coordinate it was worn with. If you have long eyelashes, since the eye patches are flat, they're probably going to annoy you until you get used to wearing them. I wore this one all day though without any real problems other than initial annoyance and being disoriented XD. I wouldn't wear them too often though as it does mess with your vision after a while.

Alright so that sums up my fairly large review post. I hope this helped some people.


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