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My Lolita Time Lline: 2006-2010

This is my lolita time line. I didn't really just jump into lolita fashion. At first had more interest in visual kei styles and mostly did lolita inspired coordinates.

While I started to wear real lolita in 2007, I never actually took any pictures wearing it until 2009. So while I wore lolita often enough, I sadly have no proof of it XD.

Note: To the lolita in the photo from the New York Times, if you don't want your picture shown here feel free to PM me and I can blur you out of it. I don't actually know your name/LJ user name so I wasn't able to ask if you cared that you were in my timeline.

I'm still missing photos here since I didn't really have any reason to take pictures in lolita until I started frequenting Daily Lolita at the beginning of this year.

I have been away from my wardrobe while I've been studying abroad in France, so I have very few photos from the past 4 months. When I come back home to my closet in the US, I plan on wearing it as often as my life allows XD Hope you all enjoyed my time line even though I made it in Microsoft Paint. XD
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