Aliki (alice_ciel) wrote in egl,

Mary in the sky with Candies dry-cleaning question

I was wondering if anyone has taken their Btssb Mary in the sky with Candies to the dry-cleaners. I searched the memories and went over the long list of what to wash and how to wash it... but I only found that the ivory version can be safely washed in cold water. Now maybe I got it all wrong, but in my head & looking at the red OP (which is the one I have) it seems soooo much more likely to run like crazy in the water than the ivory. The tag says that it cannot be washed but it does have the regular dry-cleaning symbol on:

However, with all the horror stories about prints melting during the dry-cleaning process I just wanted to ask: Has anyone dry-cleaned this safely? Should I go ahead or are there any horror stories about this specific print/colorway?
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