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My Lolita (ish?) Timeline 2006-2010


I've been debating whether or not to post for this month's theme. I'm not really active in the comm, I've more been lurking since my arrival. Nothing about this timeline has been orthodox. It was hard for me to pick early outfits as I have never considered myself a lolita, really. In fact, it all started with my love of BPN (b/c the Cutie store near my train station in my host city sold it) and I didn't even know what lolita was. So I wondered, "If at the time I wore these outfits, I didn't think of them as lolita, then do they count?" I am still wondering this, but here I am. So if this is really not relevant, I'm sorry. orz Looking back, though, I've gotta I made some interesting outfits. XD This is also limited, some of my favorite pieces (and outfits) are not here because I dress up most days and, well, didn't have anyone to take pictures of me.

2006 (I don't know how to make the pretty, efficient  timelines so this may be tall)

This was me improvising for my college's winter formal (this was my prom dress)

This is a sort-of Gackt cosplay (I was singing one of his songs for the talent show) I just tried to capture the essence, not a particular outfit


The first reminds me of Alice Cooper and maybe the sec. could be ero?

the second features one of my favorite things--obi with western clothing

This is a completely different way of wearing my prom dress (you can't see in this picture, but I'm wearing a wedding petticoat)


Here's that god-awful dress again! I loved that thing--Its a little girls costume I bought from a renn faire ^^; And then another technique I loved back in the day--layering and mismatching various legwear

That summer (2nd pic) marked my 2nd trip to Japan and the introduction of more Brand into my wardrobe

This coord landed me on the wank community. And while there are things that I would change--I still stand by it. The bow/waist cincher combination is my favorite part and it was inspired by an obi

My yukata is rori! The second was my entry in the Maruione fashion contest. 

2009 (lean year for pics--because of some meds I gained a significant amount of weight and didn't feel very comfortable in my skin)

This isn't an actual coord. shot. I was trying the dress on after it arrived.

2010 (I rarely dress in lolita anymore, but I'm including this year to show where my style's gone)

The outside pictures are vintage and I made the middle jumper from a 1975 pattern

Well it seems a lot can change in just 4 years.
[EDIT} I fail at actually doing my hair in any particular style.


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