Autumn (yokosesshoumaru) wrote in egl,

Two Questions.

So I have two questions for all you lovely ladies (and gents) out there!

This year for PAX (Penny Arcade Expo) West in Seattle, I want to dress in lolita and want my boyfriend to dress up as well. He refuses to wear kodona, and frankly, I agree with him because he's a bigger guy and it would look a little funky on him.

But my question is: What should my boyfriend wear to "match" my lolita? I'm already looking into matching colors, and we were thinking about getting him a nice suit and whatnot. Anything your boyfriend has worn that looks good with lolita?

And my second question involves some pictures.

I'm looking into buying an entire mint / white colored outfit and I'm not sure what wig I want to go with it, at least color wise. 

This is the color of the OP I'm going to buy

Jade green, the lightest green from this particular buyer (who I've done business with before).

And this was the style I was looking into. I'm going to cut the ponytails to just below the shoulders, and trim the bangs up a bit, but it's not the style I'm really looking for opinions about more than the color. I also am not ignoring the color of this one, either.

I know that the greens may clash with the mint, so that's why I'm looking into the light blonde as well.

So those are my questions. ^-^

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I know the two questions are quite unrelated.
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