aisycakes (aisycakes) wrote in egl,

What Sandles would you pair with this Alice Jsk? lots of cute sandal links!

So im getting this alice in wonderland jsk from bodyline in black and pink:

I have this gorgeous Tarina Tarantino Alice in wonderland necklace to go with it that is pink and sparkly and features alice holding the baby pig that i got for my birthday :)
I also have a pink parasol/umbrella that i got from disneyland.
Im planning to wear my hair down with a black or pink bow headband, or i wish to make a hair barette that has a faux, realistic cake on it.
these are the options of sandals i was thinking of: black -flower shoes in pink -pearl bow shoes in black -super cute triple bow sandlas in pink or black
what do you guys think?


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