Nanaberu (nanaberu) wrote in egl,

Innocent World shoe sizing question

Sorry for the annoying "measurments" question, but I need your help, ladies. I'd like to place a reservation for this pair of shoes at IW, and I don't know if I should choose size L or LL.

I can't measure my feet, because it's different every time I do it. I usually wear EU size 38, 90% of the 38 sized shoes fit me perfectly.
I bought a pair of L-size Baby shoes last year, and they are so small I was crying out loud when trying them on. I also tried on two different Bodyline shoes from friends, these high heels in 24,5 - they fit like a dream, and these low heels in 24,5 - they were 1 cm bigger than my feet.

So as you see, I tried on three pairs of shoes from the same size (24,5 - EU 39), and one of them was too big, another one (the most expensive) was way too small. I'm quite confused now because I thought at least Japanese sizes are accurate...

If someone owns IW shoes, I need your advice/opinion about sizing. Shall I go for the L size, or the LL instead?

Thank you!
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