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A month away from ACen...and still no roommates!

 Hi Ladies (and gents)!

This is my 8th year attending ACen, and although I don't watch anime anymore, I pretty much keep going because it's the one time of year I get to see my friends from back home.  Plus, it's the only time of year I get to hang out with/see other Lolitas, even though most of the time I'm too nervous to say much of anything to anyone.  My friends and I are all getting older, starting careers or still in college, so are either too busy or can't afford to go this year.  So I'm in a pickle!

I have reserved a room in the Hyatt Regency O'Hare, the very hotel in which the convention is held.  On Thursday night I will be staying with lj user aerospydie (and last time I checked, she's also looking for roommates); Saturday we're hosting the Sew Loli panel with lj user elenoa as well as a couple other ladies =)  I wasn't able to get the room for Thursday night because it wasn't available (Optometry convention? Who knows), and the room has just one King size bed.  Lj user kyttyee, who is one of my models for the fashion show, will also be staying in the room if I get enough people in the room.

I am having five of my outfits in the Khaotic Kouture fashion show in the Lolita category, and I am going to be in a Steampunk outfit for the fashion show.  I am going to have the models come to the room to get ready before hair and makeup.  The fashion show is I believe around noon or in the early afternoon.

Normally I would want my fantastical boyfriend to also come along, but he is in a wedding that weekend =\   If you are in a bind and would like to room with me, please send me a personal message.  The hotel room is $155 a  night, and would like 4-5 other people in the room with me, so that after tax, everyone would pay around $35-$40 a night.  I have no qualms with males being in the room, all I ask is that you be a considerate roommate and respect my items and space.  I can't function very well on little sleep, so most nights I will be turning in around 1 or 2 A.M.

Mods, if this post is inappropriate, feel free to delete.

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