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Searching for RHS boots?

After an hour of clicking, scrolling, and Googling, I haven't found very many stores that sell RHS-style boots. I'm aware of Ling Lam and Double Decker. However, I'm not fond of foam sole shoes (just a personal thing against hair on my shoes) and Double Decker seems to no longer be selling the RHS boots.

I've also discovered Yosuke sells them, but I have no idea what materials they are made from (specifically, the uppers since I'm pretty sure I've read somewhere the soles are wood), the quality of the shoes (I assume to be good because of the generally positive reviews I've seen for Yosuke but I want to make sure), and...the only one I really want is sold out >_<. I believe someone also mentioned Antenna/An*ten*na sells them too but I haven't found any.

So, two questions to answer if you skipped the wordy explanation:

1) What other places sell RHS boots? Preferably wood sole, leathers uppers are a plus but not necessary.
2) How often does Yosuke restock? Do they even restock?

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