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Tokyo Night Clubs for Lolitas

Could somebody give tips what could be a good party place in Tokyo for lolitas? There must be some clubs that are suitable for lolitas and lolita inspired people. Are there any? I don't mean gothic fetish clubs, but something a little bit more elegant. I'd love to find a club where are people with same interests.

Of course you can wear lolita where ever you want and go to any night club, but I'd really like to know about nice clubs where lolitas could go to spend a night and get to know each other. There are so many different places in Tokyo, that I'd be really amazed, if there wouldn't be a proper place for lolitas. The biggest problem in ordinary clubs is the cigarette smoke which is really hard to get off of clothes. And who would like their brand dress to be ruined with smoke?

- Have you been in some nice club in Tokyo that you could recommend for lolitas? (You can also tell about lolita-themed clubs in some other city or country, but I'm especially interested in the Tokyo clubs)
- You can also tell about other clubs which could suit for people who like lolita fashion, but which are not lolita themed (like some cute places)
- Does anybody know are there some clubs in Tokyo, where people can't smoke/ don't usually smoke? (also non-lolita-themed) I'd be really happy to know!
- Are there some upcoming events or parties that could be suitable for lolitas?

All tips and links are welcome and if there have already been a post about this issue in EGL, please let me know.
Please share your experiences about good clubs in Tokyo that other lolitas might like. I don't want to go to smoky hip hop places anymore!


Event's and Clubs List:

(Tokyo Decedence, Dark Castle, Midnight Mess, Gothic Lolita Heaven)
Alamode Night (1st of July 2010)
Some sort list of gothic and lolita events

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