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Meta Old Emblem Lucky Pack!!!

My Old Emblem Lucky Pack is here! I thought I'd share with you ladies, because I am just SO excited to own not only my first brand, but my first lolita outfit! :D


1. The top side of the package- they used a Meta shopping bag instead of an actual package, which is cute! It's taped up quite well, so there's no use in trying to save the bag, but I'm not one of those people who would reuse a plastic shopping bag. 

2. The bottom side of the bag, showing the details of the wrapping. 

3. The contents of the package! Of course, the old emblem shirred skirt, the emblem cutsew (in black! I was hoping I'd get black and I did, yay!), the lucky item, a pair of white old emblem OTKs, and a print-out add for some sweet prints called Jewel Butterfly and Cherry Berry. On to details!

4. The skirt! It's so beautiful in person I wish these crummy iphone pics could do it justice. The waist is fully shirred- unstretched its about 20in around I would guess, and it fits me just fine and I have about a 30in waist, and there's still a bit of room! I imagine this skirt could fit up to 35in if not a few more! It has a built in petti-underskirt thing, but I'd still wear one underneath for full effect. 

5. A close up of the print. Again, I'm sorry for the low-quality iphone pics. 

6. The cutsew still in the bag. 

7. And layed out on my bed! I haven't tried it on yet, as I just got home from a track meet and I'm all sweaty and icky, but I will soon!

8. And finally, the OTKs. These are great for me cause I'm about 5'10", so I know for a fact they'll at least be knee-socks!

Anyway, I know most people end these with pics of the stuff being worn, but I just got home from a track meet (yay! shot put and discus!) and I'm sweaty and dusty... I will try these on soon though, so you can see pics of the things worn on my lj in a day or two. 

Edit: Worn pics here

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