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Closet Child Review

On 4/11/2010, I placed an order with Closet child. I had already seen the item there about a month before and was really dishearten when it went off of the website.(not that i had money at the time >.>). So when I received my last paycheck i went to their website again to see if there was anything i wanted and it was back up! was so happy so i went through their ordering process. Invoice and payment was on the 14/15th of April. I even received the package today which was totally unexpected. as last night i had checked the tracking and it said it was still in Chicago just out of customs. and I live in Louisiana so i expected it on Monday. lol boy i was surprised when hubby dropped the package on me to wake me up XD. BTW this is my first brand skirt :D

this is my picture of the skirt. there seems to be no stains/marks or anything else.It came in one of those mail carboard envelope things. and it was sealed in another bag inside. To my surprise it has a pocket in the skirt!

now. my only complaint about this whole thing, not with closet child but with the skirt maker Shirley temple, this skirt can't take my petticoat! now i only tried it with my altered BL petti(i had added more tulle to the petti) and have not tried it with my cotton petti i had made. I'm sure that'll work a little bit better but won't give me that lovely poof i love. granted. i have big hips/thighs so I'm not sure if that places a part in it or not. unfortunately i just woke up so there will be no worn pictures as of yet. if i do get worn pictures I'll try to remember to post them in here and on d_l.

My Overall rating of Closet child

Ease of Use: 5/5 follow their picture guide! it's so easy!

Communication: 4.9/5 seems that they got my second "yes please send me invoice" rather than my first one. which no biggie to me. just made me wait a day longer XD

Packaging: 5/5 very well packaged was folded so neatly

Shipping: 5/5 super fast! i was not expecting it today.

Cost: 5/5 i paid about 73$ for the skirt/handling/shipping. which i find REALLY reasonable since most skirts i know are like...200? EH!(i'm a loli on a budget)

Total time from order to receive: 7 days. most of those days was just waiting to hear back from one another.

all in all. i WILL reorder from them again. their prices are great and so is their service. now all i need is more money >.> lolol

edit: now i just need to find some similar material to make some bows with :D oooh off to handcocks this week :D
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