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Final Update - 4th Annual NYC Storybook Photoshoot

Alright ladies, we are officially on for tomorrow's photoshoot.
As of now, the weather is predicted to me partly cloudy with a high of 57 and a low of 48.
There is only a 10% chance of rain. It's probably best to wear a jacket or cardigan to keep you warm since it will be a tad chilly, and I also suggest bringing an umbrella just in case. If  there is any rain (which I doubt there will be *knocks on wood*), it will likely be just passing. But we always can retreat to the covered archways under the Besthesda Fountain area, if needed and take pictures there.

Location: Central Park, Shakespeare Gardens
Date: Sunday, April 18th
Rain Date: Sunday, April 25th
Time: We'll meet at 12:30pm on the steps of the Museum of Natural History  and then depart at 1pm to take pictures in Central Park at Shakespeare Gardens and Belvedere Castle.

Make sure to go by the museum entrance and not the planetarium entrance. We will be next to the statue of the man on a horse. Here it is, for visual reference:

For those that will be coming late, here is a map of Central Park:
We will be at the Shakespeare Gardens area.
If anyone wants my cell number, please PM me or leave a comment with you email address and I will send it to you.

Again everyone is welcome to pitch in a bring some snacks for the shoot.
Often at the start of the shoot, photographers will take individual portraits of each of the girls before we get to take group shots. This often means having to wait around for ones turn (though with so many photographers this year, that might not be the case...)
Usually, a few girls will bring some little snacks and we set up ourselves a nice little potluck picnic, to nibble while we wait and relax.I, personally, will try to bring a few little pastries for everyone to snack on. If anyone else would like to bring refreshments, cups, napkins, or snacks, please feel free. We usually set up camp near two park benches, but I will also be bringing a small picnic blanket as well. If anyone wants to bring another blanket, that might help with a group this size.

For more information and sign-up sheet, please see one of the previous posts here:

I look forward to seeing you all there ^_^

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