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More Talia issues, new person. Refund help needed.

Let me start off by saying that I am NOT trying to bandwagon jump. This all happened at the same time at the drama around Talia did. I did not bring this up before because it would seem like bandwagon jumping. I bring it up now only because I am at a loss and don't know what to do.

I'll simply touch on what happened before I wanted my refund:
-I ordered a replica OP for $235 without shipping.
-Had a 3 month-ish delay, but this was NOT Talia's fault. We had tartan finding issues. 
-Once she got the fabric she told me 8 time it would done the next day over the course of a month. One of these times she told me it'd be mailed out the next day and there was an 8 day gap.
-When I did get it, I found many flaws in construction, fit, and in the fact it was sposta be a replica.
-The sleeves hit between my knuckles, the sleeves were far too wide, the collar pulled against the front of my neck and was loose in the back, and if I rose my arms up higher than my shoulders the dress would rip.
-It was missing simple thing that the original (what it was a replica of) had. I did not bring this up until I wanted a refund and at that point I was just point it out to say 'hey I didn't say anything (cuz it was already very late) but you shouldn't have done that anyway' when I did bring it up, she said she had a rule that 'she didn't make exact replicas'. I had NEVER been informed of that ahead of time. 
-Promised compensation (bloomers and headbows). Bloomers did not fit and the extra headbows were never included or explained why they weren't.

After we finally settled on a 85% refund,  since I 'break her rules' (unaware of how) 85% was all I got, we had our deal in writing.
"I will then make any necessary adjustments, and put the dress etc up for sale on the sales community and send the proceeds of the sale to you. I will send you the difference up to a max of $200 (85% of the sale) in increments of $20 (or more if I am able) weekly, to start once I have the dress back in my hands. Hopefully this is reasonable, since you will be getting $200 back on a $235 set. I still feel that, because of my terms and the situation, a complete full 100% refund is not an option, but I am willing to compromise at 85%."

It took me a while to send it back, I admit, but I never asked for ANYTHING because of that. And there was never a set time I had to have it back to her by, so it shouldn't be a problem. 

When I asked if she got it and when I'd be getting my money, she said 

I realize that.

I picked it up from the post office, have not had the time to open the box yet.

But you have to know that I am unfortunately banned from the sales community (see egl_comm_sales if you haven’t) for a month, so I can’t sell it on the sales community.

I am aware of the sticky situation this puts me in, since I said for you to send it back to me and I would put it up for sale. But then the drama happened, and I cannot force the mods decisions on the ban, as I have already tried to get out of it.

The only place I can sell it right now is Etsy.

Also, I am at the mercy of my backlogged commissions in order to start paying back what I owe you. So as soon as I am able to, I will.

I replied with this, a bit angry, but I felt it was reasonable.
'When will I be getting my money? I would really like to know, because this is getting ridiculous. It is not my fault that you have gotten yourself banned from the sales community and you can't blame anyone else. I was already being quite understanding with letting my refund be paid in parts, now it is becoming even more delayed?

I need my money. I was planning on using it and this delay is cutting into. I was understanding of your conditions before, but that was with expectations that are being changed over and over. I just want my money. Once I get it, I'll leave you alone.'

This is what I got back. I think this is ridiculous and unprofessional.
Look, I am not blaming anyone, including you, for my ban from the sales community. It happened. Just like everything else. Life happened. Shit happened. I definitely don't appreciate your attitude towards me about this, especially because I have been doing all that I possibly can to make sure that you and I are both satisfied with the outcome of this whole mess. I would also like to remind you that you took forever to send me the dress back. If you would have sent the dress in a timely fashion, ie right when I asked you to, it could have been sold and refunded by now. No, instead, you gave me excuses as to why you hadn't sent it yet. Granted, I gave my own excuses in the beginning, but if you really wanted your money, regardless of life and its little ways of coming down on you, you would have sent it back to me immediately instead of waiting almost a month (I believe you originally said you were going to send it the week of March 2, and then I got an email from you on the 15th with excuses saying you were going to ship it the next day, and then an email from you on the 27th that you finally mailed it). Point is, it could have been done and over with by now.

I am sorry if thats not good enough for you, BUT I AM DOING ALL THAT I CAN AT THIS POINT. I can't sell the dress on comm_sales, so you are just going to have to let me do this in my own time, or take the dress back and sell it yourself. And if that's the case, thats the only money you'll see from it. I understand you're hard on money, but you have to understand that everyone else in the world is too, and unfortunately, I can't plant a money tree and make it bloom just for you.

And honestly, at this point, if that's not good enough, then so be it. There's nothing more I can do about it. But I will stand by my original offer of selling it on Etsy when I can, and refunding the rest over time, per our original agreement.

I'm not quite sure to do. I replied politely and reasonable, point out that I did not ask for anything because I was delayed. Not for it to be paid quicker, with more money, or all at once. I also asked why, if she had the money for it, why she didn't save it when she knew I need a refund. I sent my reply 9 days ago. When I did not get a reply, I sent two more messages. One three days ago just asking for an updated and one the day after that saying I was completely polite (all things considered) in my original reply, that I wanted an update, and asking when my dress would be posted on Etsy, cuz it hasn't even been posted. 

I haven't gotten a reply yet, but I do not want to be out of 200 dollars and this is unbelievable and completely ridiculous. If I can't get my refund, I feel that honestly, stronger punishment should be placed on her. It's also too late for a claim/dispute and she has my dress.

To clean up what this post is about: A review, asking for opinions on what to do, and showing my reasons why I think she deserves stronger punishment. 

EDIT: I have to go to work, and will not be home until late. I'll reply to posts then. 
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