cupcake_lolita (cupcake_lolita) wrote in egl,

D= Halp! Yellow Stain attack!

So, I was looking through my lolita, when I took my Meta sax skirt off it's hanger.
and noticed there is a HUGA ASS Yellow stain on the front! D'=
I wanna know how to clean it off, it's pretty noticeable. It almost looks like some one had a yellow coloured fizzy drink (or soda or whatever) and spilled it on the dress to leave it stain... that is not the case's just there.
Like it magically appeared or something.
Crappy web cam pics :

I don't even....
I've looked in the side bar in the cleaning/clothing care thingy it had stuff on yellowing lace but not yellow stains that appear outta nowhere...
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