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The Volcano eruption in Iceland, and how its affecting European parcel's being shipped.

I hope everyone is well, especially those in Iceland at the moment. As of the eruption in Iceland, most if not all the airports are closed in Europe in danger that the particals from the ash, from the volcano will damage the engines. The ash contains molten glass, which stops the machinery functioning properly, causing a huge danger.

This includes all packages being shipped from other countries, they aren't able to land to deliver the parcels, so shipping will be difficult for a while for us Eurpean lolita's. I say this as I ordered something online and they told me shipping shall be severly slow as of the closing of all or most Eurpean countries airports. There could be a delay of a week plus, if the ash does not shift.

I  don't know if this is affecting all of Europe, but for England there is delay in all aviation transport/shipping. So if anybody has ordered anything from the US, or is waiting for a package to arrive to the US or any other country outside Europe please be aware it shall be difficult to post or recieve any items at the moment.

I hope all the Icelandic lolita's are safe, and that there are no more delays soon.
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