kyrosis (kyrosis) wrote in egl,

Your Findings!

Often on shopping trips I always go for normal clothes, however ever since getting into lolita I also keep a keen eye out for what could match so in similar style to wing 's meme for 'What's in your bag', what have you bought recently to fit with your lolita that isn't brand.

Come on, get your cameras out and share, you may inspire some to get on for a shopping trip....(the sales are on after all......)

My recent trip to Leeds (England) came out with a lot of stuff but this is what I bought to match with lolita:
♥ a white x black cardigan with bow pockets, which I'm sure is cropped but on the picture it doesn't really O.o (H&M in the sale for £10)
♥ a very cute box bag which sort of reminded me AATP when I saw it high up on the shelf (£14.99 at H&M)
♥ a cute mint knitted top with pearl details [came in 2 other colours I recall] (£10 from Primark)
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