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~ Quick Secret Shop tights review ~

Just a really quick review on secret shop tights...

I've bought three pairs of the SS tights with roses down the legs. At first glance, they're absolutely lovely! But sizing is an issue IMO.

These tights are seriously not stretchy enough. When pulled up as high as they can go, they're too short.

I wouldn't recomend them for anyone over 5'3" or who wears over a 28" leg or with slightly chubby legs. Mine have ripped a massive hole in the crotch over the space of a few hours from being too tight... Now they'd only be wearable with long-ish bloomers to hide the rip.

I'm 5'5", a UK size 8-10 and in high street tights I wear any size really, S/M/L isn't an issue for me usually. I have 21" wide thighs...

Not impressed.
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