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My Lolita Timeline 2008 - 2010 : What style have I not tried?

I didn't realize that I've really only been into lolita for 2 years! It feels like much longer than that! Putting this together, I feel like I've dabbled in almost every popular lolita style out there, trying to find my own style. I've taken lots of pictures during that time so bear with me as I walk down memory lane...


Feb  2008
Somehow, black and white seemed like a fail safe plan at the time.

March 2008
I started dabbling in different styles: classic, sweet, punk

April 2008
Dabbled some more in punk & sweet

July 2008
Classic and then pirate / EGA came into the mix

Sept 2008

Uh oh, I found hime lolita, still trying sweet out too

Nov 2008
Hime and classic at the PMX event


Feb 2009
I really liked hime so I stuck with it a little more

April 2009
Then back to classic, I'm starting to see a trend...

June 2009
Last ditch effort with sweet, this time OTT!!!

July 2009
Didn't really like OTT sweet and realized sweet wasn't my thing... so wore pirate / punk and tried steampunk (which was a lot of fun)

Sept 2009
Then I tried retro-lolita

Nov 2009
I never seem to be able to shed hime lolita off and was still in love with retro


Still trying to find my own lolita style :-) Right now, it's somewhere between classic and retro but who knows when my obsession with hime will come back in again.

Thank you for looking!
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