Victoria (crazisilverange) wrote in egl,

d^_^ and some random pastry pics too!
oh i dont remember time and dates so relying on photobucket as time line lol

some people have lil sisters  but i have a lil brother @.@ for the older lolitas,
remember when we had a lolita mens contest ^^? he was one of the contestants x.x
oh how tiny he was back then  T_T now he's taller then me and probably can't fit into the dress anymore

first lolita party x.x oh how far i've come from this lol and of course the only guy there is something to gawk at XD

first lolita dress made
first thing i've ever sewn by myself

the first time i made something and decided to make the CSA line

lolita gone camping ^_^

first lolita party I organized and screwed up the wording to it x.x the apostrophe

i saw this dress in antique store yellow from age and water stained and wreaked of old age x.x but i wouldn't leave w/o it
my parents thought i was crazy

first hair bow made <- it's always fun to make the guy in middle feel awkward
from every lolita party one pic was taken to make the next partys' invite
*sings* where have all the lolis' gone?

chinese moon festival

first successful making of the  pad like hair thing  XD!!!

who remembers my recipe for this? first one that links to it wins a cookie!
*waves giant cookie around*

my attempt at color x.x

my first completed outfit from gosurori (who ever bought it i hope u still love it!)

attempt of school loli! with my jeanz of course -_-

first dress from grandma ^_^ i was so shocked and slightly against it becuz it was pink T_T
tip: to make a beautiful picture photoshop more weed like the first picture and photoshop all the spit/gum off the cement and dead grass

beam me up captain !
first anniversary VE party

first prof. photoshoot, of course I have no say in makeup
try to think of it as contemporary art or something

first time doing princess hair next to motherdays roses

random outing by myself

me and my bestfriend

and so we trudged in twin dresses out to the beach for the world to stare x.x

me and my bff at anime con with out brand "Cherie"

dine out -_- i wish i never sold this dress

out on a date

prisila wig to help me
my birthday

remember my bodyline horror case?? since i didn't get my red dress T_T my friends lent me their red dress

doing charity work Ronald Mcdonald House "Children's house of BC"

first time in lolita at new work (in the salon)
staff party



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