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QutieLand HMHM Chandelier JSK review


QutieLand HMHM Chandelier Dress Review

I ordered this dress back in January but because of the Chinese New Year it only arrived today since they didn`t actually start making it until after the holiday. I was dead pleased though when it arrived this afternoon, really worth the wait >_< it only took them a month and a half to make and ship it, so if i`d have ordered it after the holiday I would have waited half the time.. little tip ` order anything you like from them but cheak holiday dates first.. `

I orderd the Chandelier JSK, black with silver embroidery
with the Kids YoYo A-shape petti..

Here is how it came:
LOL Me opening it in my PJ's >_< all the photo's are taken by my fiance with his camera phone so excuse the quality of them, it`s not that great a camera  :-) but not too bad for a phone.. 

KidsYoYo A-shape Petticoat

 !It's beautiful for a petti, their is stiff organza on the inside and believe me it is stiff! LOL The organza on the outside is ace finished off with lace at the bottom which is gorgeous! :D I sorta tried it on, it looks abit funny because it had been packed really tight in the bag. It's a real fuss trying to sit down in it LOL but I will get used to it :D

HMHM Chandelier Velveteen JSK

Sorry about the second photo, I don't know what happend there >_<
The dress is really beautiful, it fits like a glove ! The bow at the front is detachable but I want to replace that with a sash. It has a few loose threads but that`s not a big problem. Most companies who use machines nowadays don`t tie off properley, my fiances mum used to work in a mill when she was young and they used to get work thrown back at them if it wasn`t tied off right.. Quality is really important so my fiance and his mum are really perticular and can usually sort out any quality gripe i may have.. lol.. The velvet is fantastic. really soft and lined with black satin which I love ! The pictures don't do it justice! It looks so much better in real life ! In the last photo I tried it on with the petti, it certainly puffed it out, although you can't tell by the angle it was taken from :D the dress is just above the knee as I specified when I placed the order, they did e-mail me twice over the length though because their standered size is way longer than my knees which tends to throw out the dresses proportions for me.. so If your 5 foot 5 or smaller it`s best to order dresses custom sized so they`ll fit better.. also with custom sizes you can specify all your measurements for an evan better fit..

All in all, it is certainly not bad for my first loli JSK. QutieLand was perfect to do business with, will certainly buy from them again ! oh wait a min.. I think I already have.. lol..
Yep.. he he..  I have another dress on the way from them, a different brand though, I`ll do another review when I recieve it..

Communication: 5/5
Quality: 6/5 LOL
Shipping: 4/5
Fit: 5/5
Cost: 5/5

I hope this review helps all you lolis out there debating wheather or not to buy from Qutieland and anyone wandering if their dresses can stand up to the branded dresses.. 

My opinion:  A beautifull quality dress at an affordable price, perfect fit and look.. buy from them you won`t be disappointed !  

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