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Letting go of dream dresses/items

Have you ever had to let go of a dream item? Why? How did you feel when you acquired it, and how did you feel after you let go of it (selling, giving it away, anything).

This was mine. I saw it when it first went on sale on Baby's website, and it almost made my heart stop with how cute it was. And high-waisted too! Perfect for my figure. I dreamed and dreamed of this dress and eventually, it appeared on the sales comm, but it was too expensive for me.

So I dreamed some more, and it appeared again, and this time it felt like serendipity. It was going for a really reasonable price, but I was agonizing over it for so long that I eventually forgot about it (-_-). Then it popped up again, this time with a discount! I thought it was a sign from the loli gods that we were truly meant to be!

Well, at first it was like that. When it arrived I immediately tried it on, and I felt like SUCH a princess in it...it felt good, fit perfectly, and was absolutely gorgeous. It wasn't my usual style but hey, DREAM DRESS, RIGHT?

Then reality hit me. It was way too formal to wear to school, way too formal to wear to get groceries, and I'm such a shy person that justifying either outing in this beautiful, delicate dress was just not in my comfort zone. But I gave it time.The dress came with some piling, so I spent a week or so lovingly and extremely carefully shaving it all off with a new razor. That part actually felt much, MUCH better than the thought of going out in the dress, like I was tenderly worshiping it and caring for it. (yeah, totally creepy I know)

And that was my first sign that perhaps this dress wasn't for me. The dress also didn't fit with my wardrobe. I had no mint items, and most mints just don't match this particular bright shade. I bought a pair of (incredibly painful) shoes from Modcloth just to match this dress, but it still didn't feel right. I need a mint headbow, elegant (as opposed to casual, my usual style) accessories, and much more just to do this dress justice, and for a while I attempted to fill this void.

The dress was also one of the most expensive items in my wardrobe (cough, poor college student). So on top of the cost of the dress, I added the cost of (failed) shoes, accessories, and so on. And I wasn't wearing it AT ALL. I'm the kind of girl who wears rugged hiking boots all the time. (Surprisingly, some of Meta's stuff really goes with big brown hiking boots. Just sayin'.) It was intimidating to even think about wearing the dress outside.

So I finally slapped some sense into my head and traded it with someone else, for a Miho Matsuda dress that was a lot simpler, a lot breezier, and a lot more my style. And that dress is now my favorite dress, ever. I wear it all the time. I wear it to bike to school (with leggings!), I wear it to go shopping, I wear it to lounge around the house. It's a cute dress, and I don't regret it.

tell me your stories, lolitas! Be as verbose or as brief as you want :D
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