Baudelaire (xbaudelaire) wrote in egl,

Lolita Timeline Theme!

I have been into lolita for at least 5 years now, but I only had the courage to make my first post in 2008.

Here's me in my first ever brand piece... I look pretty scared actually!

I coordinated this skirt casually and everyone hated it... haha XD

I got this in a lucky pack and loved it!

I bought this because the black versions sold out... but as soon as I put it on here, I hated it.

Found this in Closet Child and wore this coordinate to the Alice in Wonderland cafe!

Here begins my love for Angelic Pretty!!!

I remember this clearly because I was going to my first meet-up in Australia. Looking at it now I don't like this coordinate at all. It's like I just got everything pink I owned and wore it all at once.

Still one of my all-time favourite dresses! I don't care how many people tell me I'm too tall for it XD

Hmmm.... petticoat fail. =_=

I miss this dress. Oh well.

I wore this to a Halloween meet-up. It was boiling!

Then I started to get into ETC and more casual looks.

I much prefer wearing my lolita clothes with t-shirts now. I've worn a blouse maybe three times in the past six months.

Another casual coordinate.

I still wish I had brighter shoes to wear with this dress! Maybe I can find some hot pink heels...?

Here's me looking freezing in Japan and trying to smile... haha!

And I posted this only yesterday! <3

Thank you for scrolling through this! It was fun. I had forgotten about most of these dresses I used to own. Out of all of these pictures, I have sold (or lost) 10 out of the 17 dresses/skirts pictured here. O_o;;
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