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~ Yet Another Timeline ~

Since I started seeing everyone's lolita time-lines popping up, I've being doing my best to collect photos of any outfits I've worn over the years - and since I trace my lolita-type style back to when wearing black lace frills a la Mana (think Malice Mizer's 'Saikai no Chi to Bara' from 1999)... it's been quite a long time. ^^; (What is that, 11 years now?)

1999 - 2002ish
Fortunately for me, none of the photos from this time period have remained intact through two computer transfers and a move. I'll say that they were a moment in time when finding adequate information or acquiring brand was tough to come by in my neck of the woods. ^^;

2003 - 2004ish
During this time period I was making an effort to understand lolita more. This resulted in some failed attempts at sewing - on my part - and the aquiring of my first "brand" items.

(First "brand"... Bodyline? XD)

(First sewing attempt... Never did I return to lolita with aprons.)

During this time I was able to acquire more brand and still experimented with sweet...

The end of this time period was when I started moving away from sweet into more classic styles...

(I also hosted my first tea party duing this time... Ah, memories~ <3)

I moved more fully into a classic style, occasionally wore aristocrat, and experimented with erololi.
This was also the time when I started attending meet-ups~ ^_^



I've been so lazy and haven't taken many photos nor kept any that have been taken. ^^;
(But there's still so much of the year left~! <3)

I've had a lot of fun these past years~ my hope for the future (as it pertains to lolita as well as non-lolita things) is to have even more~ <33 (And I hope to see more old timers posting their time-lines too~)
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