Mero (q_of_clubs) wrote in egl,

Theme post: my timeline in Lolita and associated styles

It was 2007 when I fell in love with Lolita fashion... I was a romantic goth and such detailed, period-inspired dresses caught my eye.

I didn't know about LJ communities so I kept looking at random stuff I found on the net, eBay and a Chilean forum I'd found. I bought my first dress in October, 2007, from Momo's (later on I found it was pretty decent compared to other reviews I read), and a petticoat.


Crappy picture is crappy. I think it was taken with a cellphone in my first lolita meeting (Feb 2007), where I wore the only outfit I had. I had purple and faded black brown hair back then. I was already a member of the late forum Lolita in Wonderland, which helped me quite a lot when I was a beginner.


As the heat of the summer was wearing off, I invested in some staple blouses and learned to sew basic skirts! I also got the habit of lurking around EGL.

I was so proud of this skirt (I still am).

First brand dress!

On December I cut my hair and went blonde.


After playing it safe for a while, I started feeling more playful and comfortable in the fashion.

Classic-aristo coord for a Victorian inspired picnic

I got hooked into masculine styles, too!


Looking back, I guess I've improved quite a lot, but haven't changed THAT much in style. I kinda knew where I wanted to go with this fashion and I keep striving to achieve it. Boystyle took me by surprise, though, I honestly didn't expect to like it so much! ^.^
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