Olivia (peach_flower) wrote in egl,

Proper Dress for Lolita Fashion?

Hi there....I just joined today! I read the rules, and I`m pretty sure this is allowed, but if it`s not feel free to delete it.

Well, I`m planning on buying a lolita dress soon. But from Rakuen. I`ve seen negative reviews here about it, but positive elsewhere. I know the quality isn`t the best, but you get what you pay for. And since I`m pretty young, I can`t afford $300+ dresses, especially if I had to order online. So yeah...quality isn`t really an issue for me now. I don`t mind if my lace frays or if my petticoat isn`t poofy enough. I got what I paid for, and...I don`t plan on going to any Lolita meets any time soon, so this is just for my own pleasure.

Besides, I live in a big city....a low quality dress I wouldn`t feel so bad about trekking all over the place with it, lol...if it was Mary Magdalene on the other hand...haha no way would I take public transit with it on XD

...so, yeah! I own a few semi-lolita dresses, but this is the first actual one I would like to order. I would like to know your opinions on it. Is the style of it awkward or bad? Or is it tacky? I need some expert advice!

Thank you so much in advance!

The dress!Collapse )
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