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Searching for a style that may or may not exist...

Hi there egl! I haven't seen anything of this ilk asked recently, but my apologies (and prompt deletion of this post) if it has.

I am somewhere between a sweet and classic lolita, moving steadily away from the former. However, I don't wear lolita day-to-day; it tends to be too impractical (petticoats in a lab are outright dangerous!) uncomfortable, expensive and time-consuming. I consider fairykei and/or spank outfits a more casual alternative to sweet lolita; that is, they have many of the same motifs (cakes, puppies, toys) and a similar colour scheme, but with less extravagance, volume, and cost.

My question is- what is the equivalent for classic lolita? Are there any other (more daily-wear-able) fashions that have a similar aesthetic? know about morigirl and natural kei (though have not found many resources on the latter beyond phuqqit_'s link list in the lolita_indies comm, and a dead tumblr), but I don't think either of those encapsulate quite the same look.
On a similar note, any picture of classic lolita pieces in casual co-ordinates is also appreciated!
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