Wolfie (okami_loli_chan) wrote in egl,

Just an FYI, in case anyone cares

I know there was discussion before about how Jessica Simpson's new show The Price of Beauty looked like it was going to feature a segment on lolita fashion, and I wanted to let people know that they will in fact be talking about lolita (along with geisha and other aspects of the Japanese beauty aesthetic) on next week's episode.

I'm cautiously optimistic because so far the show has seemed to be pretty decent. It doesn't really delve too deeply into how or why the beauty ideals of the countries featured came to be, and part of each episode is dedicated to showing Jessica and her friends going to the spa (I suppose just to show the oh-so-wacky beauty treatments valued in that country). Overall though I'd say it's not a terrible show and they seem to be pretty open to everything they encounter and everything featured on the show.

So next Monday night, VH1. Lolitas will be there.
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