j. (yueqian) wrote in egl,

Monthly theme: ★ Timeline ★

I first knew of lolita fashion in 2006 but never wore it until 2007 when I finally had enough to make up a proper outfit that I was satisfied with.

2008 was the year when I indulged the most in the classical style. Come 2009 and it was either comfortable otome-kei or attempts at gothic lolita before a small hiatus towards the end of the year (the last 2009 outfit in the picture was taken in June).

I still don't know what style I primarily am (mix and match of everything as you can see from the timeline) but I would like to think that I've graduated from classical and am walking (very) slowly towards the gothic style that I've always loved. :D There are also times where I feel like quitting this fashion altogether due to RL stress and drama but I don't think I'll be able to fully do so anytime soon, since lolita fashion has let me meet so many ossum friends!

Looking at the timeline, I don't seem to have changed much but at least now, I know how to put on makeup properly and do a half-decent job of hair-curling! My only regret is that I still don't have a pair of RHS or tea party shoes even though they are like staple loli shoes that everyone must have or something, LOL.
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