Klarhe (zatrutyxklarhe) wrote in egl,

Question about rocking shoes.

Hello girls,
I'm french, and I never posted on egl, and i think it's time to do it!
I've been used to read the comm, I started to comment, and now, I post.

Well, I have a little question, and I'd like to know your opinions.

After long hesitation, I ordered a pair of rocking horses shoes with ribbons in pink. (I didn't recieve them yet!)
Why a long hesitation? Well, because I'm sweet lolita, with cake prints and stuff, and I was (and I'm still) wondering if RHS suits AP prints dresses? I know tea party are good for this, but what about rocking shoes??

I asked to few lolitas in my country, some don't know, others think it can suit AP prints.

I've always dreamed of rocking horses shoes and I'm scared I've made a wrong choice!

Please help me! >_<
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