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A Bodyline Review

Well it's been a while since I got anything from here but recently a friend of mine decided to buy me two dresses as a very, very late graduation present. In my last review I lamented the lack of dark-colored loli clothing at Bodyline. Well...

...Oh, sorry for that little interruption, hee hee. Ahem. Anyway, I now own two black dresses from Bodyline, and the first gothic pieces in my wardrobe.
Here we have the obligatory pictures of the bags, lol:

On to the first dress, LO94, size M, and in black.

It's very pretty, though the corset lacing in front is a little suspect to me. I might alter it later on and put bows there instead.

Here's a few close-ups so you can see the lace.

It doesn't look that promising but it's actually very soft to the touch.
Here's the back.

As you can see it zips up in back. The only problem is it doesn't go all the way up the high neck so it gapes a little bit. If you have hair covering it, it won't be a problem but I thought I'd warn you all.

This detachable bow came with the dress.
Overall, I rate this dress a 4.5 out of 5. It would be a 5 but like I said the corsetting in front bugs me a little (It looks better on though) and the neck gape issue as well. It fits perfectly though so I'm very happy.
Now, on to the next dress. It is L088, size M, and in black.

It's a gorgeous, gorgeous dress. I practically cried opening the bag because I've never owned anything this fancy before.
Here's a lace detail shot.

It looks nice but it's a little scratchy to be honest. I didn't really notice it that much once it was on though.
Another detail shot of the bottom:

The corset lacing and shirring in back:

This dress is a little hard to put on. It zips up on the side and I hate dresses like that. O.o The dress is also a little heavy but my princess petti from In The Starlight held it up okay. Overall I give it a 5 out of 5 though because it's just too lovely.
And now we have some crappy cell phone pics taken in front of a grubby mirror, hurray!
Dress 1:

Both dresses have waist ties in back. The long sleeves on this dress are detachable.
Dress 2:

In case you wanted to buy these same dresses, I have a 36 bust and 28 waist and I don't think I would be able to fit into these (both M) if I were much bigger.
If you have any other questions feel free to ask them. :)

-- Noelle

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