dagnyt4gg4rt (dagnyt4gg4rt) wrote in egl,

Qutieland Question and Spring

I'm going to be placing a Qutieland order fairly soon, and I have a question.

I could use some help choosing a couple of petticoats. I have one right now, and it has less and less poof with every wear, and I'd like to get one organza and one tulle. I'm considering this one from Classical Puppets, and this one from Kidsyoyo, which I saw in the memories had a good review. Can anyone comment on the quality of the two I'm eyeing, or offer any suggestions about other Qutieland petticoats they like?

I recently got a new job which pays significantly more than my last one, and one of the best things about that is being able to expand my lolita wardrobe a little bit. I've typically stuck with black outfits in the past, but with the spring weather, I'm starting to find sweet kind of attractive. Does anyone have any outfits you were just dying to wear as soon as spring hit?

*I examined the Qutieland site a bit and edited my question a bit.*
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