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Well, lesson learned.

So I have a long documented problem with Suppurate System. Everything basically came to a head today.

So here's a warning: Don't bother buying from them unless you have a Japanese SS who is dedicated and can harass them in Japanese via phone or other means, or can simply buy physically from places like Kera Shop. If you buy international, and if anything goes wrong, you have close to no hope of getting ANY help from them whatsoever. They will shut you out completely, even if you basically hold the door for them and make it easier to sort things out.

Also: When dealing with PayPal and filing a bank chargeback against them due to a dispute time being *over* 45 days, don't do it. I filed a bank chargeback (as advised) almost a month ago, and PayPal turned around and bit me in the ass by taking it all back again from my PP balance just TODAY, leaving me with a negative balance and screwing up a purchase I was trying to make. ¬_¬ Once again I'm basically out of $140.
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